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default By Essa Mohamedali

Answer: The power of networking effects

default By Faith Ruth Ng'ang'a

Answer: I can barely choose one. However, I believe it will help me navigate my professional life in the ever-changing tech world.

default By Masao Tong

Answer: I worked with other students on creating our dream resumes. First, we thought about our dream jobs and then asked ChatGPT to create a fictional resume that could be used to apply to a dream job. This will impact my life and work since it tells me now what I can be doing to build my resume and help me gain the experience that can set me up for my dream job.

default By Masao Tong

Answer: My favorite thing from today was seeing everyone make the "Shark Tank" style pitches about the innovative AI projects we created last meeting. Being able to think about how we would market a product to investors, set a price for our product, and describe our product to people who hadn't heard about it taught us about personal branding.

default By Luigi Michelangeli

Answer: AI

12 By Daltone Otieno

Answer: I am looking forward to this session